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Trial Presentation Services

We have over 32 years of experience in Southern California courtrooms and extensive technical knowledge of trial presentation technology that drives our use of cutting edge practices and technologies. We utilize the latest trial presentation tools, including software such as TrialDirector, SanctionII and TrialPad for the iPad. On the same note, our familiarity with courtrooms and “Hot Seat” experience have allowed us to specially design our courtroom presentation systems to be adaptable to any courtroom.

We travel wherever our clients need us to be. We have familiarity working in and setting up trial presentations systems in virtually every courthouse in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.

The Science of Storytelling in Trial Presentation

Studies have shown that most people are visual learners, yet trial lawyers tend to be auditory or kinesthetic learners. A litigator who does not communicate in a manner that corresponds to someone’s learning style results in a disengaged audience. Furthermore, neuroscience demonstrates that when people are presented with bare facts and statistics, they become further entrenched in their existing views.

Timelines, videos, graphics, and animations are only a few of the methods that can convey information and experiences to the jury creatively. Retention rates have shown to increase significantly when information is presented in simultaneous listening and visual formats.

Text-to-Video Synchronization of Video Deposition Testimony

We specialize in the video conversion and text-to-video synchronization of videotaped depositions. Our synchronized files are compatible with all leading trial presentation software, including TrialDirector, SanctionII and Visionary. CVisualEvidence provides deposition DVD’s using inData Corporation’s DepoView™ Viewer that can be used on any PC. Using this viewer, you can scroll to any page within the transcript and immediately see the video of that testimony. No fast forwarding or rewinding is required. You can even create custom clips and email them to your associates.


Relating back to our extensive experience in the courtroom, we are especially aware of problems associated with inaccurate or incomplete text-to-video synchronization. Video depositions synchronized by CVisualEvidence will provide you with the most reliable presentation in the courtroom.

We can convert and synchronize video depositions to and from several formats, including MPEG-1, MPEG-2 & MP4 in resolutions from 352×240 through 1920×1080. We welcome large volume cases that require fast turnaround. We are specialists when working with translated depositions.

“Hot Seat” Trial Technicians

At-Trial Presentation Technologists

Here at CVisualEvidence, we have a stellar team of seasoned “Hot Seat” veteran trial presentation consultants using the latest trial presentation hardware and software to clearly and persuasively present your case in state and federal courtrooms.

In addition to our on-staff consultants, we contract with many experienced and confident courtroom presentationconsultants throughout the country to ensure we are available to meet the demands of the toughest trials, arbitrations or mediations. Multiple technicians are available to work in the courtroom and in the war room simultaneously, so as to stay on top of document and video intensive cases.

Our consultants are available for travel anywhere in the state, country or around the world.

Legal Video Services

Determining who will produce your next settlement or day-in-the-life video is an extremely important decision.Our extensive knowledge and experience, have helped to provide outstanding results for our clients. Let our vast experience and creativity in all realms of legal video production assure you that you are getting what you need, the first time. There is no substitute for experience.

Day in the Life

We have been producing compelling day-in-the-life documentaries for over thirty-two years.Much of our experience is working with leading medical malpractice and catastrophic personal injury law firms that regularly obtain settlements and verdicts in the seven to eight figure range. Our production and editing process is guided by our unique discernment for what is important and relevant to damages. Our documentaries have been used by juries to award damages in catastrophic injury cases in amounts ranging up to $52,000,000.

Oftentimes, these day-in-the-life documentaries are incorporated into broader settlement documentaries and have been used at mediations to obtain better results for our clients. The ultimate goal with all of our work isto increase the value of your case, whether it is mediation, arbitration or trial.

Settlement Documentaries and Presentations

We pioneered the early use of settlement documentaries, beginning in 1982, working in-house for the prestigious law firm of Harney & Moore (later Harney, Wolfe, Pagliuso, Shaller&Carr). Since that time, we have produced hundreds of videos regarding wrongful death and catastrophic injury matters.

Our experience working within a plaintiff’s law firm for many years and working with hundreds of additional plaintiff law firms guides our knowledge to differentiate what makes an effective settlement video. In the rare cases that do not settle, we are uniquely positioned to use the knowledge and data obtained during the settlement in video production, to use that information again at trial.

Over the years, we have seen numerous settlement videos produced by others, many of whom are former television news producers. We are regularly surprised that these videos are produced as if they are being presented to the general public. Flashy graphics and content that might be effective in a news broadcast for the public is not very effective for a claims adjuster. We have found that going over the top can at times undermine the credibility of the case. We do not claim to be lawyers, nor do we give legal advice, however, we do know what is effective in settlement video presentation. We can bring your cases and evidence to life by using the latest technological advances to concisely and effectively illustrate your clients’ stories to the jury, without overdoing. We will create compassion, understanding and empathy without sacrificing credibility.

Additionally, CVisualEvidence LLC offers complete demonstrative graphics services, including Hi-Definition PowerPoint presentations and complete on-site presentation support for mediations, arbitrations and trials.

Equipment rentals

CVisualEvidence offers competitive advantages on all levels of service, even when it comes to courtroom equipment rental and installation.

Courtroom Equipment Rentals

The last thing you need to worry about is hardware. CVisualEvidence rents state-of-the-art courtroom presentation equipment to attorneys for use in all Southern California courtrooms. We always ensure that the equipment is in excellent working order. The equipment you need will be delivered, set up, and broken down by professionally trained technicians.

We own our presentation equipment and our equipment was acquired specifically for use in the courtroom. This means our projectors are small, very bright, and extremely quiet, and court reporters often times do not know when the projectors are running. Our projector stands have very small footprints which are required in crowded Los Angeles courtrooms with limited space. Every courtroom is different and every judge has different requirements; CVisualEvidence technicians work with the court staff to ensure setup is a seamless process. We want you to have every advantage possible going into trial. We are able to eliminate the guesswork and get it right the first time.
In addition to our equipment design and features, we have a long history of serving litigators, particularly in Southern California. Our 32 years of experience has made us familiar with most courthouses in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego and Ventura counties. This gives us the insight to such instances when the screen is required to be set up in the audience or when no monitors are needed and/or allowed for the judge and witness. We know to use caution yellow tape to secure cords to the floor to minimize safety risk such as tripping. Court clerks are very pleased with us for being aware of this factor that most trial presentation companies do not even consider.

Available Equipment

From easels to 70-inch large screen TVs, CVisualEvidence has what you need, including:

  • Elmo Document Cameras – Standard and High Definition
  • Projectors & Screens
  • Trial Presentation Computers
  • 17” to 70” Monitors
  • Printers, copiers, scanners
  • Switchers, distribution amps & all necessary cabling

CVisualEvidence can take care of all your equipment needs. We are reasonably priced and able to handle last minute requests. Contact us for a free quote.

Do it yourself presentations

Do-It-Yourself Trial Presentations

Many in-house law departments are choosing to have in-house paralegals and attorney’s present exhibits using TrialDirector, SanctionII or TrialPad.

Many of our clients rely on our substantial “Hot Seat” experience in the courtroom and knowledge of all relevant trial presentation software to help guide them smoothly through the most complicated trials.

We regularly work behind the scenes on many of our clients’ trials, providing data and document management, deposition video editing and technical support in addition to installing and providing the courtroom presentations systems.

Support and training

“What You Need to Know” Training

CVisualEvidence LLC provides trial presentation software training on the use of TrialDirector, SanctionII and TrialPad. Jim Curio is a certified inData TrialDirector Trainer for versions 4, 5 & 6. He has trained hundreds of trial techs, paralegals and attorneys on how to effectively use the trial presentation software in the courtroom.

Our staff utilizes their knowledge and experience in the courtroom and translates it into informative and comprehensive “What You Need to Know” training sessions.

To optimize support and training, CVisualEvidence works to remain on the cutting edge of trial presentation technology and are embracing the new presentation opportunities that the iPad and large screen LCD displays bring to the courtroom.

Training can be provided at our facilities in San Pedro, CA,the courtroom, or the comfort of your own office.


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