$400 Million Value

Aircraft disaster near Cerritos, Calif.
Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee
Produced precedent-setting instant replay
“Retrack Video” of the moments leading to
the mid-air collision, which established
liability to the FAA.

$333 Million Settlement

Toxic Tort & Personal Injury,
Anderson v. PG&E (aka Erin Brockovich case)
Walter Lack, Esq.,

$52 Million Verdict

Medical Malpractice, Nguyen v. Los Angeles County
David M. Harney, Esq.

Eight Figure Arbitration Award

Commercial Arbitration, Doe v. Roe
Robyn C. Crowther, Esq.

$32 Million Verdict

Motor Vehicle Accident, Rogers v. State of California
David M. Harney, Esq.

$20 Million Settlement

Product Liability, Doe v. Roe
Steve Angarella, Esq.

$7.6 Million Verdict

Government Liability, Burke v. City of San Diego
Browne Greene, Esq. & Daniel Balaban, Esq.

$5 Million Verdict

Business Litigation, Liker v. Arnall
Robert Chapman, Esq. & Jon Hill, Esq.

$1.8 Million Verdict

Excessive Force, Ballaz v. LAPD
(MacArthur Park Melee),
Browne Greene, Esq. & Rob Jarchi, Esq.

Confidential Settlement During Trial

Product Liability, Doe v. Wyeth Laboratories,
Brian Panish, Esq. & Kevin Boyle, Esq.


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